Escape Room Adventures

Housing residents experienced a night of riddles and twists as they attempted to Escape.  

Dancing the Night Away

Whitehall hosted an evening of desserts, wine, great company, and swing dance lessons.    

Brunch Squad

68 Mansfield residents enjoying a hearty brunch at one of the Yale residence dining hall      

Wine & Paint Night: Baker Hall Edition

Masterpieces were created at the recent Wine & Paint Night at Baker Hall, featuring Thai food and mango sticky rice to fuel the hardworking artists.  

Potluck at Prospect Hill

 A few weeks ago, Prospect Hill residents had a lot of fun swapping recipes and winning prizes for the most popular dishes.      

An Afternoon of British Art and Tea

Residents from 276 and 254 Prospect met up for cookies and British tea before walking down to the Yale British Art Museum for a 90-minute guided tour.    

Ice Cream & Crafts

Earlier this semester, Harkness residents got together to unwind and enjoy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream while crafting custom designed mugs.